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Coach LockMarie's Personal Home Fitness Journey

It's a lifestyle and I love it - here is a peek into my daily routines at home. No Gym membership necessary.


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Coach LockMarie

Hello There,  You know who this is, It's yo girl Coach LockMarie and I am so excited you stopped by to visit!

My Podcast "The LockMarie Talk Show is also available for you to enjoy, check out my many episodes while you are here.  Feel free to download and join me weekly.  

The LockMarie Talk Show


I am a Writer with a passion for the pen! I am a Published Author and I have over 27 published books available on  Feel free to browse and I am sure you will find one that sparks your interest. I also understand there are many other writers, authors amongst us and they have so much inside of them but have no clue as to how to get it out on paper and even better in print.  I love assisting first time writers and authors with completing their manuscripts and then publishing them and seeing them amongst the greats in the various Wide Web Online Stores & even local shops. 

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Certified Confidence Coach

I am a Certified Confidence Coach that believes in all women tapping into their God given Confidence.

" You are created for a purpose, on purpose, with a unique individual purpose that ONLY you can fulfill"

Do not compare yourself with anyone else, If you have not figured out your purpose or if you have but yet, do not feel you have the Confidence to push forward and pursue it, Don't trip I got you!

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Health & Wellness Coach- Weight Loss Expert

My Passion is helping women live a Healthy, Happy and Whole life.  Losing weight is a gift of mine and I have personal experience along with my expertise as a coach from countless hours of research on health, nutrition, and study along with over 15 years personal experience to understand the art of weight loss and why so many women find it a task to do. It is a lot easier than you think & I have sure fire blueprints to assist you with losing the weight & maintaining it which is the added plus!  Many can lose a few pounds here or there, but keeping it off is the problem, and I am the solution. 

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In this book I give step by step tips to my 65 lb weight loss in just 3 months time.  I had enough and wanted change and I made it happen and so can you.  I have before and after pics included with daily menus and inspirational nuggets that keep the mindset focused for weight loss success. 

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We as women should be Confident in who we are. With God as the head of our lives, we can be Godfident/Confident women and know that we are special. This book is to assist you in re-gaining or obtaining the God kind of Confidence we all need to have a happy and successful life.

It gives you tips on how to start your day off each morning and how to forgive yourself after life has happened, because Life truly does happen to us all.

Many things in life we feel we could not control but we do not have to allow it to control us for the rest of our lives.

Be Confident and live your best life ever, day by day, full of success, happiness and Godfidence/Confidence.



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